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How Businesses Benefit from Vehicle Tracking Technology

Thanks to vehicle tracking technology, business owners now have more control over their fleets and more information at their fingertips than ever. Better fuel efficiency, improved safety and smarter scheduling or dispatching are just some of the benefits provided by today’s high-tech solutions. Here are some of the incredible ways that vehicle tracking can help your fleet, no matter its size.

 Vehicle Location

A vehicle tracking system generates GPS data that helps managers keep an eye on their vehicles location like never before. Knowing exactly where your vehicles are can help in a number of ways. It lets you know that your vehicles are where they should be and helps inform your customers about delivery times. For even more control over your fleet of vehicles, you can set the system to alert you (either by e-mail or SMS message) if a vehicle goes outside of a boundary, is operating after a certain time or driving over a certain speed.

Route Optimization

Another big benefit of vehicle tracking is route optimization. With a bird’s eye view of the location of all your vehicles, you can plan routes more efficiently, saving time and money on fuel costs. The software that comes with many vehicle tracking solutions will help you do this. It will not only look at which truck is closest, but which trucks are best equipped for the job at hand. The software will evaluate your available vehicles from many angles and help you make the smartest choice.

Vehicle tracking software can also manage other variables, such as traffic conditions, so your drivers can avoid adverse conditions. If you have to change a driver’s schedule or route after they’re already in the field, you can communicate the updates to them all through the system.

Diagnostics & Driver Behavior

With vehicle tracking, you’ll also gather all kinds of data—ranging from vehicle performance to driver habits. Is your truck due for scheduled maintenance? The system will tell you. Is there something wrong with the engine or is the battery level dropping? You will be notified as soon as something goes wrong so you can ensure the driver’s safety. Vehicle tracking devices, attached to your vehicle, also transmit engine failure fault codes (DTC codes) to headquarters.

This technology even allows you to monitor the vehicle’s driving history. By monitoring braking habits, speed and acceleration rates, you can discover areas of optimization in your drivers’ performance patterns. Drivers can be provided with driver scorecards, which take the driver performance data that is aggregated from the vehicle tracking devices and present it in an easy-to-read report that shows drivers what their weaknesses are. Good driving practices can improve fuel efficiency, decrease CO2 emissions and reduce accidents. 

Access from Anywhere

Vehicle tracking solutions can help keep your drivers safe, maintain the condition of your vehicles and save you money. But what’s really impressive is that all of those tools can be accessed on your computer, Tablet or even your Smartphone. Anywhere you are—as long as you have an internet connection—you can pull up your vehicle tracking dashboard and stay in the know about your fleet of vehicles.

There’s no question that vehicle tracking technology is changing the fleet industry. By utilizing high tech solutions, fleet managers can now improve customer service while cutting costs, increasing productivity and achieving streamlined efficiency. Learn more about the vehicle tracking solutions and other tools U.S. Cellular offers to help you keep an eye on the things that matter most to your business.


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