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How to Streamline Your Mobile Workforce Operations

A smartphone is a boon for your business. For the cost of mobile coverage and a data plan, you can stay connected with an immediacy that would boggle the mind of previous generations. App data usage is fairly minimal, so your workforce can use mobile apps for no additional cost to a data plan. Here’s how to get the most out of your mobile workforce operations.

Mobile Workforce Management
Mobile workforce apps exist for the sole purpose of managing your mobile workforce. Think back to when you last had trouble coordinating your mobile workforce. Whether it’s managing task orders in the field or getting customers to sign for jobs when your team arrives, mobile workforce management solutions remove the headaches.

Real-Time Visual Contact
How many times have you had a situation over the phone where you had to have the situation described to you before you could offer advice? Now you can just look at what’s going on; no description necessary. You also have the option of talking to your employees face-to-face when circumstances warrant it.

Wireless Forms
Paper forms worked well for centuries, but they’re decidedly less than perfect. They get lost, damaged and destroyed. They are filled out improperly. Filling them out and moving them takes time. Wireless forms however, are filled out on a mobile device and transmitted back to your company’s servers, saving you time and storing data in a far more secure manner than traditional paper forms.

A Cornucopia of Sales Apps
Every business can benefit from a mobile workforce solution, but nowhere is this truer than the world of sales. Presentations can be carried in your pocket and deals closed on the spot, without waiting for receipts to arrive or having to fill out laborious amounts of paperwork. Everything from the pitch to the close can be done with a mobile app.

Increased Accuracy
Your company needs accuracy to function. Accuracy is important for compliance with federal regulations, as well as internal auditing. You can’t entirely take the element of human error out of the equation with mobile workforce operations. You can, however, radically reduce it.

There’s no mobile
workforce today that can’t be streamlined and improved with the help of sales
apps, wireless forms, increased accuracy, real-time visual contact and mobile
workforce apps.

Nicholas Pell is a freelance small business and personal finance writer based in
Southern California. His work has appeared on
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