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Make your fleet leaner and smarter with wireless forms and vehicle tracking technologies

If you’re looking to make your fleet enterprise more efficient and profitable, consider upgrading your technology to better track your fleet and manage your business. Vehicle tracking solutions and wireless forms are two technologies that are transforming the industry in 2017.

Vehicle Tracking

Benefits: Work Smarter with Route Optimization

The primary benefit of vehicle tracking is route optimization, which refers to the ability to direct the closest available vehicles to any given location. Because your vehicles are tracked with GPS software, you’ll know where they are to employ automated dispatching. Complex variables such as vehicle location, pre-existing pickup and delivery schedules and traffic conditions will be automated, making fleet management easier while maximizing efficiency and savings.

Savings: Lower Cost Per Mile

How much money can you save? Highway driving costs just over $2 per mile, and route optimization can shave off 200 miles per day. That’s a savings of $400. You’ll also save on labor costs as your drivers will spend less time driving inefficiently. And with the time you’ll save, your fleet will be able to handle more pickups and deliveries.


  • Basic GPS trackers (with web or mobile apps) can be purchased and installed on your vehicles for $200 or $300. More advanced tracking systems (which include route optimization capabilities) are more expensive.
  • One industry-leading company worth looking at is GPS Trackit. GPS Trackit provides a few different fleet tracking solutions including the Fleet Manager package, which offers fleet tracking and a robust route management system.
  • Another company that’s turning heads is Actsoft. Its Comet Fleet package is a comprehensive solution for tracking vehicles and managing route and delivery scheduling.

Wireless Forms


Wireless forms enable data to be entered rapidly through an electronic system where it can be stored or used with other software applications. Data can be easily entered into forms by typing or recording with the camera on a mobile device allowing drivers to capture barcode data simply by taking a picture of it. That means no time-consuming manual entry of information, no subsequent processing of that data and no need to store paper forms. But it’s not only the reduction of paperwork and related errors — data is safer because it’s stored in the cloud. Fleet managers can use wireless forms to handle orders, receipts, driver timesheets and more.


Using wireless forms saves time which would otherwise be spent on traditional data processing. Since every business has a unique data and processing structure, it’s impossible to quantify just how much time savings can result from using wireless forms. However, there are other savings that can be achieved by using wireless forms — namely, the savings in paper and printing costs.

Wireless forms also save money by reducing the amount of space needed to store paper forms.


Both GPS Trackit and Actsoft also provide products that are easily adaptable into your information management structure.

  • GPS Trackit forms allow you to create new custom forms from its user-friendly interface or convert your old paper forms into wireless ones.
  • Actsoft’s Advanced Wireless Forms offer a great package for creating wireless forms for just about every task, including payroll, invoicing and customer feedback.

Adopting cutting edge technologies like vehicle tracking and wireless forms can make your business leaner, more profitable and easier to manage. Vehicle tracking solutions give you peace of mind knowing where your assets are, along with the power to automate routing and dispatching. Thanks to new technologies, it’s now easier for fleet businesses to better manage their day-to-day operations.



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