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Why Your Small Business Needs an Internet Failover Solution

It’s not a question of if your internet connection will fail it’s a question of when. Even the best designed Wi-Fi networks experience system failure. That’s why it is crucial to have backup-up infrastructure already in place, know as a failover router. Interrupted internet capability is a real threat to the basic functioning of your business.

What are you risking?

Positive customer and other important business relationships are dependent upon the quality of service you offer.  Natural disasters, whether they are hurricanes, floods, or fires, are inevitable and can cause major disruption if your link to the outside world is broken.

What Are Failover Routers and What Do They Do?

Failure routers are hardware devices that keep your business up and running under almost any circumstances. The routers are intended to closely replicate your existing online connection system, maintaining coherence and continuity during emergencies. Legend has it that engineers at NASA coined the term ‘failover’ during the early 1960s.

Failover routers are intended to replace existing internet applications. They are not stop-gaps. At their best they are a full substitute for previously functioning systems. Truly effective failover router solutions are activated automatically and require minimal stimulus when they intercede in the face of disaster. To use an analogy, if the failsafe router discovers a change in the heartbeat or pulse of the existing internet connection, this second system takes charge the moment an aberration is detected. High availability is a key element. This refers to the capacity of failover routers to ensure ongoing availability, meaning your business is not unduly victimized by unforeseen (but planned for) events.

The workings of the device are such that when land-based internet connections go down, cellular connections are invoked to maintain your network’s system integrity.

Two classic examples of when a failover router would have benefited the business owner:

  • A high-end retail fashion store in Des Moines has its operations frozen after internet service was disrupted. Computers went down, and in-store specials that attracted many customers were rendered non-applicable. The carefully planned online sales campaign failed at a key moment.
  • For businesses in “Tornado Alley,” failover routers are obviously very important. Some business owners are led to believe that they don’t need a back-up plan simply because disaster always hits somewhere else. However, keep in mind that when a Tornado hits land-based internet connections go down, negatively impacting infrastructure. In situations like this, businesses that don’t have failover routers will see their customer base decline – it is as simple as that.

Any business owner can be faced with a highly damaging event that has severe repercussions. Failsafe routers are a vital step towards ensuring that business continuity occurs and essential cash flows continue even in the face of natural disaster. Valued customers will remember that you kept things functioning in the midst of chaos while others did not.

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