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Smart Offices: Mobile Device Management for Employees

The Anywhere-Based Mobile Workforce and Your Business

As the latest technology becomes more accessible, more employees are working off-site. The days of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and a “work anywhere” mentality are here. But, it’s more than just home offices: a 2015 report predicts that nearly 3/4 of the U.S. workforce will be mobile by 2020. In addition to office-based mobile workers, the manufacturing, construction, retail and healthcare sectors are expected to drive the growth of the mobile workforce. Here’s what you need to know to keep everything and everyone working at their best, and your company information safe and secure.

Key Mobile Workforce Challenges for Employers

Companies with a mobile workforce inevitably deal with some consequences, particularly the increased difficulty of keeping business information secure. The biggest challenges include:

● Monitoring the number and variety of devices used by your mobile workforce.
● Accounting for outdated technology that may not be as secure as newer devices.
● Securing your network if allowing employees to use their own devices – thus increasing their job satisfaction.
● Developing policies and steps to take in the event of company data being stolen.
● Interfacing seamlessly and securely between your employees’ mobile devices and your company’s data storage network.

For businesses, MDM software is the best way to manage devices anywhere outside the office. This software not only strengthens security across devices, but increases worker productivity.

Increased Information Security

● Create security policies for data privacy.
● Encrypt data in transit to prevent data theft.
● Detect compromised devices, and prevent Malware.

Increased Productivity
● Troubleshoot remotely to decrease downtime.
● Update software centrally to save time and prevent configuration issues.
● Enable secure processes on personal devices.

What to Look for in MDM Software

It’s important that both remote and personal devices are protected from theft. U.S. Cellular’s MDM software provides the coverage your employees need to ensure that their mobile devices are safe.

In the event of a stolen or lost device, you’ll undoubtedly need the ability to wipe out data, or locate a device, but here are other key features and abilities to look for:

● Monitors logins to company software to ensure the device adheres to security measures.
● Retains an organizational command over data usage.
● Enforces policies that hold off site employees accountable.
● Communicates with employees remotely.
● Exchanges resources and tracks productivity.

While managing a mobile workforce efficiently presents challenges, the right MDM software can ease the stress of adopting this increasingly popular business practice. Read more about how these solutions are applied in real business scenarios in our MDM case studies.

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