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Top 5 Benefits to Having MDM on Employee Devices

Why is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution beneficial to a company? Increasingly, business leaders want to manage the use of the personal devices their employees bring to work. They also want to streamline internal communications, leading to better turnaround time and overall customer service.

According to a report by the research firm Ovum, 70% of employees have devices that allow them to have access to your company’s data. Having a solution in place that coordinates and manages the flow and access to sensitive information makes sense. MDM solutions can organize what otherwise might be unwieldy and disparate technology.

Here is how MDM can enhance your business:

  1. In today’s world, knowledge is power and you do not want to see your hard-won business advantage go to a competitor through intentional or unintentional data transfer via employee devices. MDM systems can block attempts by external entities to gain access to those devices by requiring passwords, erasing data from devices that are stolen or lost and alerting you to the presence of jailbroken or rooted devices (a device hack that provides users with unrestricted access to device software). Voice security and secure cloud storage are also features of effective MDM systems.
  2. Updating apps for information consistency. Your company routinely acquires new information that becomes the basis for important decisions and how business is conducted on an hour-by-hour timeframe. Having an MDM system gives you the ability to install new mobile apps that have a bearing on your employees’ effectiveness. This means your entire workforce can be on the same page when it comes to mobile tools.
  3. It’s a cost-cutting system. This is a crucial consideration in the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplaces. Before MDM software, a key cost determinant was the differing array of devices that were served by many providers. This meant you had to invest in individual solutions for information and security concerns according to the type of device you were trying to manage. Now, you can save money with a system that brings everything under one umbrella.
  4. Decrease anxiety.MDM gives you visibility into how your employees’ devices are being used. This is comforting because you’ll know if an employee is not making the most use out of his/her time. Additionally, this system can assist your IT department in troubleshooting common problems as they arise, rather than dealing with a flood of separate problems at the same time.
  5. By implementing an MDM system, business operators can create a more harmonious work environment by giving employees total discretion and choice as to which device they work with while on the job. Basic human psychology suggests that employees are happier using their device of choice and more productive, holding the overall objectives of the company closer while carrying out their work.


Mobile devices were once the sole domain of executives, upper management and your sales force. Now, a mobile workforce in your company is unthinkable without practically everyone having access to mobile devices. U.S. Cellular can help you select a comprehensive MDM solution that can improve your bottom line, bolster security and positively alter the overall complexion and composition of your company’s practices. Learn more about all of our mobile workforce solutions.

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