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Turning Your Business to the Smart Office with E-Timecards

For specific businesses, the days of employees punching in and out already has or will soon go the way of the telephone booth. E-Timecards will now be used more than ever as they help businesses become more efficient and productive by reducing massive amounts of paperwork and their associated administrative costs.

Any business that keeps records of their employees’ time allocation will want to convert to E-Timecard technology. These businesses run the full range from construction, food service production and agri-businesses to a host of others. A number of ways can be utilized to track the hours of employees. Magnetic cards, PINs, badges or even fingerprints and facial recognition are how employees log in and out.

Here are leading reasons why you should go with E-Timecards for your business:

  • Substantially less time spent on time tracking allocation and payroll issues;
  • Eliminates the hiding of time theft or falsifying, whether it be long lunches or buddy punching;
  • Works against human error in bookkeeping, trading faulty human memory for accurate information;
  • Empowers your business’s employees to know how much sick or vacation time they have allocated or have coming to them;
  • Saves on expenditure of physical, material paperwork and the need to keep supplies restocked;
  • From a legal and regulatory standpoint, E-Timecards mean you are more likely to stay within state and federal overtime pay and bookkeeping standards;
  • By upgrading to E-timecards now, you allow space for your business to grow;
  • Provides you with an easily accessible data set that can be utilized from any of your company’s offices, regardless of geographic location.

The advantages in going with E-Timecards save you money and produce a happier office environment. Software products such as ActSoft’s Mobile Timecard enables you great savings and piece of mind. Stress levels will go down as those tasked with tracking employee time will have air-tight and reliable information to work from. Time spent by employees trying to remember regular and overtime pay claims are eliminated. Most importantly, employees can focus on their appointed duties rather than be side-tracked by worrisome administrative issues.

What’s Going On? E-Timecards and Better Workforce Mobility and Management

A recent article published by the Harvard Business Review indicated that business owners and key managers spend at least 3% of their time tracking they way they allocate their time. Trying to remember the details of how much time is spent reading and answering emails, for instance, can be an arduous undertaking. E-Timecard technology frees you from this task.

E-Timecards, in combination with time tracking software products such as Comet Tracker, allow the following additional upsides for your business:

  • Permits business operators to see how employees are spending their time;
  • Provides a more accurate overview for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of individual projects;
  • You have a pipeline into your company’s projects that are in-progress;
  • Your mobile workforce doesn’t have to spend large amounts of time or energy in making payroll requests, freeing them up to focus on their appointed tasks;
  • Most software includes paid time-off and scheduling provisions, allowing for better project assessment.

E-Timecards Are a Mainstay in Today’s Business Climate

Administrative tasks are made easier by E-Timecards. As we have seen in this article, your business stands to gain dramatically in a number of important areas by implementing this multi-faceted technology. Whether it’s lessening time recording errors, freeing up energy and time for your employees to apply themselves to their jobs or allowing you to more accurately assess projects as they unfold, you’ll be glad you made the change to E-Timecards.

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