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Utilize Environmentally-Friendly Tech to Eliminate Paperwork

There are scores of eco-friendly technology that will reduce your paperwork and its environmental footprint without costing a lot of “green.”

A recent Huffington Post article indicated that an astounding amount of resources goes into the production of receipts in the United States every year. The tally includes 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees, and 1 billion gallons of water. Retailers have increasingly concluded that they want eco-friendly solutions in the way they do business.

Businesses are now turning to wireless forms to not only eliminate paper waste but to increase customer satisfaction and simplify their operations.

Some of the advantages of going paperless include:

  • Customers can access their receipt anywhere;
  • Customers can quickly recall detailed information about their purchases, which can lead to repeat sales;
  • Digital receipts via square technology allow your specials and deals to be easily referenced by customers because of your ability to develop customer email lists;
  • Enhanced transparency. Your customers, whether they are regular or infrequent, will be able to better manage their finances due to the accessibility of e-receipts, enabling them to stay up-to-date with their expenses.

This increased customer satisfaction is a boon to retail business operators. The long-term viability of your business rests on maintaining a solid relationship with your customer base. Your retail enterprise can be equipped with technology that reflects the scope of your needs, including faster checkout capability, generation of customer profiles, and better inventory provisions. POS (Point of Sale Software) can be integrated with accounting software, increasing efficiency for retailers. All of this saves you time, money and precious materials.

Government, Commercial & Industrial Industries & Wireless Forms

Four years ago, it was revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs office facilities in North Carolina were collapsing under its own weight due to the physical paperwork being stored on-site. Wireless forms allow your organization, whether retail, education, construction, or government, to transition into a more green and eco-friendly reality.

The following list of features from wireless form technology permits your business to have a reduced environmental footprint while also increasing operational efficiency:

  • Wireless forms are accessible from anywhere, allowing for greater capacity to information share with colleagues without producing more paper;
  • There’s absolutely no need to order, store, and account for pre-printed forms, saving you time and money every step of the way;
  • Wireless forms are faster to fill in and more accurate in terms of information generated and detained;
  • The forms themselves run the full range of simple to complex, according to your ever evolving needs;
  • The technology works with a wide array of mobile devices, no matter who the manufacturer.

Besides basic information, wireless forms can be tailored to meet your requirements thanks to their capacity to add on photos, impose usernames, specify location, and integrate time tracking features. US Cellular’s Actsoft software (the forms themselves are stored in Actsoft Cloud) helps to green your office while saving you cash and freeing up resources.

Eco-friendly Tech Comes of Age

You can celebrate Earth Day 2017 by employing environmentally-friendly tech solutions that will also positively affect your organization’s finances. The eliminating paper receipts are one great step to making your business greener. Wireless forms ensure that your business becomes more efficient. Your business can benefit in a variety of ways by implementing green, high tech solutions that your customers are clamoring for.

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