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Why Business Continuity Solutions are Essential in Today’s Marketplace

There’s no doubt that internet technologies have revolutionized the professional service industries, but when things go wrong you can suddenly find yourself back in the dark ages. A lot of everyday events can result in the loss of internet coverage—like storms, power outages and power surges. Man-made problems such as brownouts and cut lines from construction activity can strike too, knocking local internet service providers out of action and putting you offline. When this happens, internet-based services come to a halt. This can make it impossible to process orders, fulfill contracts and maintain overall productivity. Not only can this result in revenue stream disruptions (such as when credit card payments can’t be processed) but in essential sectors such as healthcare, you can lose the ability to monitor patients remotely or access their records.

Clearly, the effects of a service disruption can be devastating. That’s why having a business continuity solution like a backup network is absolutely essential. If you haven’t already explored your options, it’s time to do so. Fortunately, there are products and services available that can keep you online when your primary network goes down. Here are just a few of the many reasons your business needs a backup network.

Imagine you’re a retail store during the holiday shopping season. You’re about to ring up a big credit card sale when your internet network suddenly goes down. You call your IT manager, but she tells you the problem is at the ISP end, and they don’t know when it will be fixed. Panic sets in. But it doesn’t have to. With quality failover routers in place to create a backup network, you can complete the sale without any problems or extra effort.

Failover routers provide backup cellular internet capabilities when your primary connection goes down. Land-based internet connections can fail due to technological problems, cut lines from construction activity or natural phenomenon like storms. The beauty of cellular failover systems is that they’re automatically activated when land-based networks go down. With a good system, chances are you won’t even notice a disruption. Your internet will seamlessly switch to cellular. No complex tasks or configurations are required on the fly. What’s more, your connection will switch back to primary systems when they’re restored.

Your backup network can even help you during times when internet traffic is high, picking up the slack when your primary network is overwhelmed and keeping your internet working at regular speeds. Whether your primary systems are down altogether or just overwhelmed, failover routers ensure that it’s business as usual. You’ll be able to process orders and stay connected with your clients.

Having a reliable backup network in place is also essential to maintain access to the connected services and cloud computing platforms your business relies on. This means your employees can keep working, eliminating productivity downtime that can add up over the long term. For example, cloud-based solutions allow construction workers to access field management software from mobile devices. This means that multiple workers can access and change project data documents from anywhere, even when primary networks are down.

Every minute of internet downtime can cost your business $5,600*, so it’s important to know your options to avoid these hits to your bottom line. There are many business continuity and backup network solutions already on the market, and as technology advances we are sure to see more and more. U.S. Cellular can help you understand the available options and find the right solution to keep your business connected.

*Source: Lerner, A. The cost of downtime. Gartner. Available: blogs.gartner.com/andrewlerner/2014/07/16/the-cost-of-downtime/

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