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Why Wireless Forms Are Supplanting Paper Forms

Ten years ago, everyone was talking about the move to a paperless office—yet there were still tons of paper being printed and recycled. Now however, thanks to wireless forms, we are finally seeing a technology that can make your business paperless, once and for all. Wireless forms aren’t just an innovation for big tech companies in Silicon Valley. They help make entrepreneurship easier and less aggravating for any business.

Regardless of your industry, whether it’s a trucking fleet, retail store, farm, accounting office or construction site—paperwork gets lost. Enter wireless forms. Even in the cases when your paperwork does make it back to your office, there are many times when it is damaged or simply goes missing. Wireless forms are the answer to these issues.

Perhaps most importantly, wireless forms are also far more secure and loss-preventative than traditional paper forms. Your paperwork is automatically backed up onto your servers. Once paperwork is saved, it’s much more secure than a piece of paper just sitting around somewhere. It can also connect seamlessly to your business’ backend systems to update inventory or to schedule delivery times and follow-up communications.

Not only is there less loss with wireless forms, there’s also less cost. You save not just money on materials, but money on time when it comes to wireless forms. No longer do employees need to take time out of their day to deliver or pick up paperwork. Instead, “paperwork” is delivered automatically. That reduces the time needed for delivery—and the man hours spent on it—to effectively zero.

What’s more, paper isn’t the only material cost when it comes to maintaining paper paperwork. You also have to pay for printers, photocopiers, scanners and fax machines. Wireless forms cut all that out of the process, even before factoring in the cost of maintaining and operating such devices.

Wireless forms offer increased security, less loss, more efficient use of scarce and valuable resources and even help the environment. It’s also just one of the many ways U.S. Cellular can help you automate operations and streamline your business with wireless technology. Let us guide you to select the best investment for your unique business needs—all powered by the network with a stronger signal in the Middle of Anywhere.

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